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It's understandable that New Jersey business owners want to offer the best retirement plans to their employees. At Prosper Retirement Partners, LLC, we have the necessary resources to help you achieve that goal. From basic plan models, to administering plans, to keeping the records in order, we have all the solutions you want. As a plus, our services are among the most cost-effective in the market today. 

How can we support you? Consider the following:

Opportune Plan Establishment

In the past, establishing a plan was time consuming. That's not true with us. After settling on the particulars, it takes only a few minutes to create a plan- compared to weeks with conventional providers.

Incorporate Payroll Productively

Whether you prefer to manage payroll in house or outsource it, it's easy to capture payroll information and upload your data into our platform. Doing so makes it easier to keep everything, including the latest 401(k) documentation, up to date.

Acquire Institutional Funds

Selecting investments that are right for your retirement plan is up to you. What we can do is provide industry insight and expertise about the inclusion of mutual funds, CITs, ETFs, and other investment options. You choose, we take it from there.

Absolute Fiduciary Protections

Fiduciary oversight is crucial, we live and die by it. Even as we oversee the responsible management of the plan, we maintain the plan to remain in full compliance with ERISA regulations, aiding in preventing inquiries about the integrity of your plan.

The Proposed Prosper Retirement Solution


Our consultants will help you review essentials like eligibility for participating in the plan, participation policies, profit sharing strategies, and more. Even after you have the plan established, we are available for further consultation, forevermore.


Offload your burden of plan administration; we handle that for you. The duties of keeping a plan functional is not yours to bear alone. Our team makes sure the plan remains in full compliance with federal requirements and policies. As a knowledgeable 3(16) Fiduciary Administrator, we are well prepared to handle every eventuality. 


Thanks to your valued relationship with us, you gain access to Fi401k Advisors and their award winning expertise in diversifying investment portfolios for retirement plans. We'll help you identify potential holdings that fit into your expectations about volatility, and provide a balance that protects the value of the portfolio.


Managing a retirement plan means providing timely and reliable communication. Depend on us to ensure all notices and disclosures are distributed on time. We'll even help employers with tax filings. Leave the management of the annual non-discrimination test to us; we'll let you know how it turns out.

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